Long time craft beer enthusiast ever since working for Redhook in college.  After college, moved to San Francisco and was lucky to be around incredible beers 24/7.  Like most homebrewers, started out with partial mashes on the stove-top and quickly graduated to all-grain 10-gallon batches.  Those chronicles can be referenced at dieHipster brewing.

Additionally, I spent three years as the beer of the month curator/author for the Plumpjack Hospitality Group and was fortunate to contribute to a GQ Article to highlight some of my favorites.

Also a big soccer fan and have attempted to combine this with beer via our friends over at the ShinGuardian, which is an excellent, excellent site.  We have a few articles over there.

Having moved back to the east coast, starting everything all over again with a different name and 1/10th of the brewing capacity.  In the positive, 1-gallon lends well for extreme experimentation.  In the negative, well, none really.  If we love one and don’t have much, we make more and use it to scale up to our next 10 gallon someday.

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