Session Beer: S.S. Minnow

Well behind on updates as I’ve added another keg capacity and have done a few wheat/hop experiments.  Today’s brew is going for a low ABV session style ale that is light, light, light.  First time having to target a fermentation temp that is below my ambient.  Notes on that below the recipe.  This beer is slated to be served at the Lancaster Craft Beer fest where the Lancaster Homebrewer Club will have a table.

Grain Bill:

10.0 lbs German Pilsner

1.o lbs Wheat Malt

0.5 lbs Carapils

6 oz Flaked Oats

Mash water volume: 8.0 gal

Mash Temp: 152 for 75 min

Mash out:  165 for 15 min

Boil volume 7.25 gal

Hop schedule:

60 min: 1.0 oz Magnum 13.5% AA

10 min: 0.5 oz Nelson Sauvin 11.4% AA

10 min:  0.5 oz Citra 12.5%

Whirlpool:  1.5 oz Nelson Sauvin 11.4% AA

Whirlpool:  0.5 oz Citra 12.5% AA

Yeast:  WL029 German/Kolsch with 500ml 24 hour starter.

O.G. 1.051 (efficiency pre calc)

IBU:  55

Primary fermentation (planned): Evaporation Cooling target 68 degrees

Dry hop Primary ferm:  1 oz Citra

Dry hop Keg:  2 oz Mosaic

Notes:  First time having to use a below ambient temp yeast.  For this run, the primary is in a water bath covered with cloth and aired by fans, aka:  Swamp cooler.  Hooray thermodynamics.  Fermentation chamber is in progress.

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