Saison Two Ways

The homebrewers club event was a saison competition.  It’s a style I really like and I wanted the yeast to be what makes or breaks this one.  Having said that, I ended up selecting a yeast that is 50% Brett.  Whitelabs American Farmhouse presents some options to let this one ride out for months which is where the “2 ways” comes from.  I let it hit FG for the competition and kegged a portion.  The rest is still aging.

Grain Bill:

Cantillion brewery
the lambic mothership

12.0 lbs 2-Row Pale

0.75 lbs Wheat Malt

Mash water volume: 8.0 gal

Mash Temp: 154 for 75 min

Mash out:  165 for 15 min

Boil volume 7.25 gal

Hop schedule:

60 min: 1.0 oz Styrian 5.8% AA

15 min: 1.0 oz Sterling 7.0% AA

Yeast:  WL670 American Farmhouse

O.G. 1.061 (efficiency very low at 65%)

Primary fermentation: Three weeks at 70 degrees

Secondary fermentation:  Four weeks at 70 degrees

Notes:  Two gallons kegged for the club event.  Three gallons were left to age for the purposes of letting the Brett portion of that yeast strain take its course.  French oak chips were repeatedly soaked with chardonnay and dried to remove the burliest portion of the oak tannins.  The oak was then added to the secondary along with half a cup of chardonnay and the dregs of Jolly Pumpkin’s Oro de Calabaza.  That one is currently aging.  Depending on how it comes along it will either stand on its own or be blended with the same recipe at a future date.

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