India Pale Wheat

Attempting something along the lines of Lagunitas’ “Little Sumpin Wild” (again).  Not really in terms of recipe, rather the use of wheat, hopping like an IPA and fermenting on a Belgian strain of yeast.  Few other items in the notes.  Notice this one completely skips boil hopping.

Grain Bill:

5.5.0 lbs 2-Row Pale

BE No Evil 2

4.0 lbs White Wheat

1.0 lbs German Carahell

0.5 lbs Belgian Caravienne

Mash water volume: 8.0 gal

Mash Temp: 155 for 75 min

Mash out:  170 for 15 min

Boil volume 7.25 gal

Hop schedule (75 min):

First Wort: 1.0 oz Citra 12.5% AA

First Wort: 0.25 oz Magnum 14% AA

Hopstand:  2.0 oz Galaxy 15% AA

Hopstand:  1.0 oz Citra 12.5% AA

Dry Hop (Primary) 1.0 Citra 12.5% AA

Dry Hop (Primary) 1.0 Galaxy 15% AA

Dry Hop (Keg) 1.0 Citra 12.5% AA

Dry Hop (Keg) 1.0 Galaxy 15% AA

Yeast:  WL500 Trappist with 24 hour starter

O.G. 1.058

Fermentation temp: 65 (wanting the lower end of the range for this yeast as the hops and yeast interplay are going to be the success or fail of this brew).


–  For the mash out, instead of pulling the bag, heating and returning, I collected two gallons of wort and heated it on the stove-top to 180.  I pulled the bag and set it in another, much smaller, stainless pot while starting to heat the brew kettle.  The 180 degree wort was mashed in to the grain for 15 min then added to the brew kettle.

–  I’ve done no-chill with hopstand/whirlpool and had achieved excellent hop aroma and flavor.  That beer was also very hazed, I’m assuming due to the cold break transferred to the primary.  For this one, I do use an immersion chiller so I quickly got it down to 180 and shut it off.  Using the chiller, created the whirlpool and let it rest for 30 min.  Then, turned the chiller back on and brought to pitching temp.  Since the wheat was almost 40%, it was a little tough to tell what this did to the clarity of the output.  Previous batch was cold crashed for 2 days and after a few weeks in the keg (carbed) had excellent clarity.

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