Vanilla Bourbon Stout

Brewing works wonders for getting over a Spurs loss (no it doesn’t).  We’ll score goals someday, surely?  In this case, it was a stout that I found that seemed pretty straight forward.  The new variable is maltodextrin for additional mouthfeel/body, which I’ve no experience using until now.  The recipe called for a pound and general guidance called for 8oz per 5 gal.  I went with 3/4lb to split the difference.  Depending on how the initial fermentation looks, I’ll be adding some vanilla infused bourbon to the secondary.

General note:  As a point in process overall for BIAB, I have the store mill the grains then run them through my own mill at very narrower roller gap for a finer crush.  Not worried about husks as filtration in my current set-up.

Grain Bill:

winter brewhouse
Moving things out to the garage for winter

10 lbs Maris Otter

1.0 lbs Chocolate Malt

1.0 lbs Roasted Barley

2.0 lbs Flaked Oats

Mash water volume: 8 gal

Mash Temp: 152 for 60 min

Mash out:  170 for 20 min

Brew schedule:

60 min:  12oz Maltodextrin

60 min: 0.75 oz Magnum 15.3% AA

20 min: .5 oz Fuggles (yes, gd Fuggles) 5.3%AA

15 min:  1tsp Irish Moss

15 min:  Wort chiller added

Yeast:  Safeale 04 English Dry pitched at 75 degrees

O.G. 1.078

Batch size going into Primary 5.5


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