Belgian Pale V1.1

Quick update on a recipe that I didn’t document but is currently bottled:

My local shop carried 550L malted wheat (Midnight) and that’s intriguing based on my previous arc of using high percentages of wheat as the grain bill.  For this experiment, we’re making something like a porter but the roasted malts will be coming from wheat instead of the standard Chocolate malt or Black Patent.  To add to the experiment, I’m going to let it sit in the primary.  The rationale for doing so is that I’ve done a lot of Brett experiments and my equipment is pretty much infected at this point.  Proof is in the results.  Going into the bottle after 3 months of Primary, it is tart.

Now onto the current recipe.  The Little Sumpin Wild clone far surpassed expectations.  This one is a derivation of that one.  Giving this one a little nudge up on the SRM with CaraWheat instead of straight wheat and CaraHell for some additional body and color w/o the caramel contribution of a Crystal.

Grain Bill:

2.0 lbs American 2-Rowone gallon aged porter

8.0 oz CaraWheat Malt

4.0 oz CaraHell malt

Mash Temp: 152 for 60 min

Mash water volume: 3 qt

Sparge water volume: 1.0 gal @175 deg

Hop schedule:

60 min: 5g Falconer’s 7Cs 9.3% AA

30 min: 5g Columbus 13.4% AA

15 min: 5g Simcoe 14.2% AA

FO:  5g Simcoe 14.2% AA

Yeast: WL Trappist
O.G. 1.078

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