Weasel Coffee Imperial Stout

Our honeymoon was a month in Vietnam and we fell in love with the coffee and discovered an interesting variation in the form of Chon Weasel coffee.  The berries are passed by a civet (type of weasel) and the resulting beans are roasted.  Sounds odd, but tastes delicious.  We still have a few ounces and for my one gallon purposes, I only need a fraction of an ounce to get what is needed in this brew.  I’ve brewed a few Imperial porters before.  All turned out nicely so that is largely informing the stout recipe with a few tweaks.  I’ve used coffee in a few ways with mixed results.  Cold brewed and added to the secondary (mediocre) and steeping in a tea-ball during the post boil cold boil (positive).  For this attempt, something different altogether.  The weasel coffee was ground then added to 1 drop of vanilla extract and a quarter of an ounce of Elijah Craig bourbon.  This will infuse during primary fermentation.  After filtering, a few drops will be added to the secondary.  Vietnam meets Bourbon county.

harpponGrain Bill:

2.5 lbs Maris Otter

12 oz American 2-row

5.0 oz Chocolate Malt

4.0 oz Flaked Oats

1.5 oz Carapils

1.5 oz Crystal 20L

1.0 oz Black Patent

1.0 oz Cara Wheat

Mash Temp: 155 for 60 min

Mash water volume: 1.0 gal

Sparge water volume: 1.0 gal

Hop schedule:

60 min: 5 g Columbus 13.9% AA

30 min: 2.5 g US Goldings 5.9% AA

10 min: 2.5g US Goldings 5.9% AA

Yeast: 2/3 vial White Labs WLP007 Dry English Ale

O.G. 1.102

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