Single Hop Session IPA

IPA used to define craft breweries.  It’s probably the style that most of us know the most about in terms of what we like and don’t like about each one we try.  The bar is high right out of the gate and I’ve never made one that I was proud of and frankly haven’t attempted that many.  Having said that, I do know what qualities I like and it is summer, so this recipe is targeting a flavor profile of an IPA with an alcohol content that is on the lower side of the scale.  The following considerations are going into this one:

  • No Crystal Malt.  Seems to be used primarily for balance (sweet offset of bitter) and color (bronze) in many IPAs, but it’s just not a flavor that I enjoy.
  • In its place, going with a slightly more robust base malt with Maris Otter, Vienna, a little Carapils and a very small amount of Cara Wheat for color.
  • Single hop of Falconers Flight, which is a completely new one for me.  Apparently it’s a blend of Citra, Simcoe and Sorachi Ace along with other NW hops.  Smells earthy in addition to the pine/citrus.  From a basic bittering at 60, gearing this very much towards the aroma/flavor late additions.
  • Normally at flame-out, the cool down process starts immediately.  In this case, used a hop addition after about 20 min.

Grain Bill:

1.25 lbs Maris Otter

0.5 lbs Vienna Malt

0.25 lbs English Wheat Malt

2.0 oz Carapils

0.5 oz Cara Wheat Malt

Mash Temp: 154 for 60 min

Mash water volume: 3 qt

Sparge water volume: 1.25 gal

Hop schedule:

60 min: 5 g Falconer’s Flight 11.4% AA

10 min: 5 g Falconer’s Flight 11.4% AA

5 min: 5 g Falconer’s Flight 11.4% AA

0 min: 5 g Falconer’s Flight 11.4% AA

-20 min: 5 g Falconer’s Flight 11.4% AA

Yeast: 1/3 pkg Safale US-05

O.G. 1.058

Notes:  Came in at JUST under 1 gallon but nothing traumatic.  Finely filtered the hops out of the primary. Fermentation was noticeable within about 4 hours.  Primarily due to warmer temps at this time of year.  Will be dry hopping with another type of Falconer’s Flight 7c’s which is another blend.

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