Father’s Day Hefeweizen

It’s much easier to teach people about beer styles by making one from scratch with them.  Combine that with time spent being more valuable than money spent and you get a nice brew day.  My Dad has always been a fan of wheat beers.  After arriving what specifically he liked about them, we landed at the German style.  Considering Germany is just crushing so far in Euro 2012, fine with us in terms of timeliness.

While most of the recent recipes have relied on malted wheat, I’ve never actually done a traditional hefe, so the below result is the aggregate of several recipes along with the vagaries of only one gallon.  In general, and much likes its German progenitors, we tried to keep this one very simple and clean.

  • Wheat malt separated from the barley to go through a narrower gap between the rollers for separate milling.
  • 90 minute mash time.
  • Hi Dad and hope we brewed a winner.

Grain Bill:

1.5 lbs English Wheat Malt

1.0 lbs Pilsner Malt

1.0 oz Munich 10L

Mash Temp: 152 for 90 min

Mash water volume: 3 qt

Sparge water volume: 1 gal

Hop schedule:

60 min: 5 g Hersbrucker 2.3% AA

45 min: 5 g Hersbrucker 2.3% AA

Yeast: 1/3 vial White Labs WLP300 Hefe

O.G. 1.056

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