Brett Pale Ale

Local shop had Brett B in stock so shifted plans to experiment with using it as the primary fermentation strain.  Notes going into this one:

  • From the White Labs site, the cell count is not as high as standard sacro yeasts.  Instead of using a Spargestarter, pitched the entire vial for a one gallon recipe.
  • Wheat malt had been getting through my mill largely uncrushed and contributing to poor efficiency.  Narrowed the roller gap a bit and much better efficiency this time around + an additional lb of 2 row.
  • The Belgian Pale in the last recipe is very light colored so just a touch of Crystal 20L going into this one.
  • Sticking with the acidulated malt and banking on pretty mild brett contribution to the flavor and just wanting a touch of tart to balance it out.
  • Flame out hop addition for some aroma.
  • Losing a lot in trub in the fermenter so using a finer strain to remove hops pre-ferm.  Finally hit exactly a gallon on this brew.

Grain Bill:

2.0 lbs 2-row US Pale Malt

1.0 lbs English Wheat Malt

2.0 oz Crystal 20L

2.0 oz Acidulated Malt

Mash Temp: 154 for 60 min

Mash water volume: 1.15 gal

Sparge water volume: 1 gal

Hop schedule:

90 min: 5 g Centennial 9.7% AA

45 min: 5 g Amarillo 9.3% AA

30 min: 5g Amarillo 9.3% AA

15 min: 1 tsp Irish Moss

15 min: 5g Amarillo 9.3% AA

0 min:  5g Amarillo 10.3% AA

Yeast: 1 vial White Labs WLP650 Brett Brux

O.G. 1.077

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