Thai Sausage

This was a long time coming and everyone should be making sausage at all times.  A great wedding gift (professional grade meat grinder) was finally put to use.  We experimented right off the bat with a Thai inspired sausage based on a soup we make.


Thai Sausage4.0 lbs pork shoulder (close to frozen and cubed)

1.0 lbs fatback (frozen and cubed smaller than the pork)


1.5 tbs lemongrass (dice the more tender middle and crush with mortar and pestle)

1.0 tbs fresh ginger (dice then crush with mortar and pestle)

1.5 tbs ground coriander

1.0 tbs cayenne pepper

1.0 tbs red curry paste

1.5 tsp lime rind

1.5 tsp lime juice

1.0 cup coconut milk unsweetened

Equipment and meat were in the freezer for min of one hour.  Meat was diced and combined with spices then run through the grinder using the coarse blade.  Add the coconut milk last and mix until the meat starts to bind.  Meat was placed back in the freezer for about 30 minutes then run back through the grinder using the sausage attachments using edible rice based casings.  After creating the links, the sausages were hung in a dry closet for about an hour then placed in the refrigerator.

In general, a fairly rigorous but straight forward process. Creating the links is probably the toughest to get the hang of and use a partner to consistently feed (avoids air) and use your two hands to guide the casing and filled sausage into a single link arranged concentrically.  Be sure to start with more initial casing than you anticipate and you’ll also get a sense of the right amount to fill w/o being too tight or having too much air.  Remember, you will need to compress both end by twisting.

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