Inception: Black IPA

First east coast brew and it’s a whopping 1 gallon.  While there’s a lot to get used to with brewing such a small amount, the experimentation possibilities are endless.  For this one, didn’t both learning the ropes and went straight to experimentation.  Pale malt base with a little crystal and some chocolate malt.  For the hop schedule, no 60 min addition.  Started with Cascade pellets at 45 min and continually hopped with Perle pellets/leaves until flame-out.  Each hop addition was a in a tea ball and removed and replaced.  Primary was 4 weeks.  More details below on the recipe depending on how it turns out.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance:  Near opaque black with a brown, tightly latticed head that dissipates slowly.  Little to no yeast sediment.

Aroma:  Roasted malt with a citrus hint.

Mouthfeel:  Nice level of carbonation keeps it pretty light on the palate.  Balanced with slightly sweet finish.

Taste:  Roasted malt first and foremost, but not at all out of control.  Hops are there but just a tad grassy.  Bittering levels are nice.  Overall enjoyable.

Overall:  Remarkably solid for first attempt at a 1 gallon batch.  Would certainly make this again and perhaps in bigger batches when the time comes.  Differently next time would be same hopping schedule/process, but with a higher AA hop to bring up the citrus and aroma next time.

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